Thematic Units usually revolve around nature and the seasons, and will help children make connections to the natural world.   Story time will help introduce themes and encourage further interest and promote imaginative play ideas.  Readiness skills are woven into circle time, art and activities during the day.  Concepts such as letters, numbers, colors and shapes will be introduced during our circle time each week.  Children will be introduced to many different kinds of art media.  Art experiences will be offered daily to promote creative expression.

Jesus Time   Our Jesus time touches almost every part of our day, beginning with a good morning prayer that is shared every time we meet.  We sing songs of praise and share Bible verses. We show gratitude with a blessing before snack. We also talk to the children about how to be a good person.  Our Voyages curriculum explores God’s Word through weekly Bible stories and words to remember from the Bible. These Bible stories are also sent home with the children to be shared as a family.  Most importantly though, we let the children know that Jesus is their friend and Savior and that they are accepted with unconditional love by Jesus.

Program Goals
Seasons of Learning Early Childhood Center aims to provide an excellent early school experience while fostering the child’s spiritual, social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development.

God has made each child differently and wonderfully.  Development cannot be hurried or rushed because all children develop at different rates according to the way that God has made them.  Development is intrinsic and cannot be hurried by experiences.  Experiences foster the development that has occurred or is occurring.

Trends in child development do exist, but cannot be traced to an exact age in which children will pass from one developmental stage to another.  The overall goals of the curriculum offered are designed to develop all areas of growth for your child, including spritual, cognitive development, language & literacy, large and fine motor skills, social and emotional development and self-help skills.